Average Price Program - No Cost to Price Your Grain

Contact us to learn more about this simple program and how GAVILON can help you take advantage of the seasonal average!

  • Price out your grain for FREE
  • 15% of enrolled bushels priced per day
  • Investment: $0.02 per bushel enrolled
  • Pricing window is March 1 thru June 28, 2019
  • Offered for Corn Futures:
    • December 2019

Enroll today and place up to 20% of your total production into the Gavilon Average Price Program.



Over the last 28 years, the Simple Average has outperformed Harvest Prices by an average of $0.22/BU and has been higher 75% of the time.



December Futures - 10 Year AverageAveragePrice2



The Final Hedge Price vs. Harvest Prices using December Corn Futures

March - June vs. October - November Average


Enrollment ends February 28th, 2019.

Grain marketing is inherently unpredictable, and Gavilon cannot guarantee a more favorable result under this program than other means. You should evaluate the use of Gavilon’s programs using your own experience and independent sources.  * Program does not eliminate risk or guarantee financial results in grain marketing