Leverage our knowledge and experience to diversify your ag price risk.

About The Producers’ Edge Program

Producers’ Edge is an ag risk management program that helps producers diversify the way they manage price risk in grain marketing, by moving the complexity of marketing and price movement to our professionals.

Handling more than 500 million bushels of grain per year, Gavilon leverages its in-depth knowledge and experience in developing this program to help farmers diversify risk.

In the Producers’ Edge program, working with Gavilon, you select the target delivery date, and enroll bushels including corn, soybeans and wheat in the program—and let Gavilon help manage the risk of the futures reference price for you.

Producers’ Edge Benefits

  • Removes your emotion from pricing decisions
  • Gavilon strives to get the best futures price for your grain, on your behalf
  • Transparency - We provide transparency in performance and pricing, as you can review our past performance before you get started, and monitor current performance pricing in the myGavilon app.
  • Choice of experienced professionals - Choose between two groups of experienced professionals to manage your bushels. Meet Our Professionals.
  • Network of local elevators - Over 150 domestic grain facilities providing local information and service.