Gavilon’s network provides us with in-depth knowledge of markets and grain movement from across the country (and the rest of the world).

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2.  Execution

Our team of professionals will utilize their experience and knowledge, both fundamentally and technically, to price 100% of the bushels enrolled in the program by the end of the pricing period. All enrolled bushels will receive a final futures reference price no later than the final day of the respective pricing period.

Available cash grain contracts*:


  • Corn - December 2019
  • Corn - March 2020
  • Corn - July 2020
  • Corn - December 2020 (2 year)
  • Soybeans - November 2019
  • Soybeans - November 2020 (2 year)
  • Kansas City Wheat – July 2019*
  • Chicago Wheat – July 2019*
  • Kansas City Wheat – September 2019
  • Chicago Wheat – September 2019
  • Minneapolis Wheat – September 2019
    *NEW for this year!


Enroll up to 33% of your bushels

*This contract provides a futures reference price which will be adjusted based on program performance


3.  Account Updates

Log into myGavilon anytime to track your current performance along with other account information.


4.  Final Payment

You receive the payment for your bushels based on the performance achieved by your selected Professional upon delivery of your grain. Basis is to be set on or before shipment, according to local policy.

Terms and Conditions apply. Refer to the Producers' Edge contract for complete details.


Enrollment ends for Producers' Edge corn and soybeans on December 31, 2018.

Terms and conditions apply.

While the contracts described herein provide marketing options available through Gavilon, no contract or marketing program can remove all risk from your grain marketing decisions. Historical results are not a guarantee of future returns, and Gavilon does not represent the historical information provided is without omissions or errors, although it has striven to avoid them. You should use this information only as you believe will best assist you with your grain marketing needs